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« on: October 18, 2003, 05:22:07 pm »

Hello all,

First post here so any tips on layout etc. will be appreciated.

I've just freed up my Linux partitions on my main HDD so that I can reallocate the space to Windows XP.

My current partitions look like this : C drive (NTFS) - E drive (FAT32) - Unallocated (GIF attached to message).

What I would like to do is have all of the unallocated space added to my C drive.  I will then convert the small partition (FAT32) to NTFS.

So, is it easier to make the unallocated space into NTFS and then merge it with the C drive or is there an easier way.  I'm only asking because the FAT32 partition is sat in between them.


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