September 23, 2020, 05:03:53 pm
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Author Topic: Post race ... Continued ... Again  (Read 57323 times)

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Looks pretty good. Nice to have fresh vegetables for salads and cooking.
So far I've consumed 2 or 3 red peppers, 1 orange, and two jalapenos. The peppers are the size of cherry tomatoes though... not like I'm used to seeing in the grocery store. I have killed 2 of the 4 plants in that box... having a little trouble with ants (i think) so i think some of my attempts to remedy that have made things worse Another Tounge I'm 90% done with a second box so I really need to get on that because I do have 6 plants ready to go (4 in new box and 2 to replace dead ones)

We have a rosemary plant outside our front door. It has surprised a lot of people since where we live it is usually too cold for Rosemary but ours has been there for almost a decade now even in snow and cold. We get fresh rosemary even in winter Grin.
That's awesome! I have two rosemary that are exploding! I need to figure out how to propagate via cuttings (failed at least once so far) because it seems to be the plant that does best on my balcony.

I was to that's why I sent him a message. LinkedIN does have its uses Another Tounge
I've thought of signing up, just never have.

Yeah, I don't do much freelance mostly because I want to spend my time away from work not programming.
I miss those days lol. I have lists of things away from my desk i want/need to do but lately if I do get a break, I'm to tired to think so I just play a video game.
It was never my intent to get bogged down in (or even do any) freelance. When I moved back, I had a month or two without, but an old client resurfaced. He always "paid as we go" and we never actually finished, when he disappeared years previous. I wouldn't have felt right turning him down since he essentially paid for an unfinished project (and I hadn't gotten [re]tangled up with bands and girls). That was manageable, and eventually it was coming to an end... and thats when a different old client (who is more of a contractor, i do the work for their clients) had what sounded like a fun (and more importantly little) project. Well, in hindsight, I think that little one was to re-establish the relationship and get me to say yes to a bigger one... and since I thought the other was ending... why not? That's when the first client decided we should put the original project on hold to do a quick little side project (which would make him money to be able to pay for the original project). Techincally we finished the quick little side project, and it is generating revenue, but he keeps thinking of enhancements lol...
I bill by the hour, so it's all good, but I definitely need more time for other things in my life (like, i really need to start playing my bass outside of rehearsal... especially since we're going back to the recording studio in about a month)

I even very rarely work on personal projects anymore. Mostly because I do enough development in my work time.
That's one of the things I do like about these side projects, I get the chance to do things a little different than my full time gig, learning new tricks.

So we had our vacation in Denmark. Everything went well, the boys finally learned to swim!
That's awesome! and important!

We had good weather for the most part, and some gorgeous views. I finally even got the chance to see the sun set over the ocean (kind of a bucket list thing of mine)
Also awesome! I have to assume I've never seen it set over the ocean (might have appeared that way over the gulf, while in FL) but I have seen it rise (at least over the gulf).

On our return to Germany we took the Corona test and 24 hours later we all were given a clear bill of health, no virus present. Then on Tuesday the boys started school again. Right now the students have to wear a mask the entire day in school, only removing to drink and eat. They will have one more week of this and then they will only need to wear their masks when they are moving about but not while sitting at their desks.
Strange times we live in! I rarely go anywhere anymore so when I do (dentist, hair cut) the rules throw me off... "oops, I'm used to just walking in and plopping down on the couch, yes, I will stand here on this tape so you can take my temp"

On Monday our youngest will get his French Horn. He signed up for a musical class and has decided that he wants to learn the French Horn. So our house will have some interesting sounds emanating out of it for a while Grin.
That's awesome! I hope it goes well!

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