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Author Topic: WiX Question on KeyPath attribute.  (Read 9885 times)
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« on: March 28, 2013, 07:36:43 am »

Anyone got any experience with Microsoft's Windows Installer XML project called WiX?

I've got a question about the use of KeyPath on Component elements vs. File elements.

I'm currently reading a book about WiX 3.6 that says best practice is to create a Component element for each File element (representing each file to install) and set the File element's KeyPath attribute to "yes" so that repaired installation will replace the file if it is missing, and that it is bad practice to put multiple File elements in a Component element because only one File element can have KeyPath="yes".

Now I've seen in operation a KeyPath attribute also set on the Component element instead of File elements, and several File elements inside. Would this work the same as having a separate Component element for each File element, or am I wrong on this?

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