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Author Topic: Frustration Abounds!  (Read 1900 times)
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« on: January 15, 2009, 11:07:23 am »

My first mission for working with the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server is to implement a Wiki.

The problem is that the department that will be using the Wiki the most is expecting a real wiki using wikitext like you would expect at Wikipediea. My problem? Microsoft's Wiki that comes as part of the Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 is just total crapola!

1. It doesn't support most of the wikitext.
2. Its Richtext Editor (RTE) produces extremely ugly and depreciated HTML. I'm talkin' that it produces HTML version 1.0 stuff. I mean no one and absolutely no online editor should be using the <FONT> tag any more.

SO I have several options open to me at this point.

1. Figure out how to design my own Wiki interface that actually works with MOSS (Still learning how to do anything in MOSS really).
2. Use the beta from the "Community Kit SharePoint" project. However, from the looks of this it doesn't fully support wikitext either.
3. Purchase the Wiki Plus product from some company for about $2500 dollars. Doubt that the company will let me do that.

Why can't Microsoft try to at least produce something that is close to the expectations of software users?

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