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Author Topic: Member Spotlight: Shahid  (Read 2783 times)
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1. What is your real name?
Shahid T. ~ Hey that's in my username as well!!

2. What was the first computer you ever owned?
My first, last and only computer I have OWNED - a Pentium II, 266 Mhz with MMX technology. Still works like a baby
Although, I currently use my bro's IBM TP 600, another Pentium II. Planning to buy an TP T42 or similar T series Notebook.
I have however used computers long before that.

3. How long have you been on the Internet
Seven years

4. What currently sits in your CD ROM drive.
My PC is not here with me in Dubai, my notebook's CD-ROM drive doesn't work!! And there's nothing in the CD-ROM drive of

my computer at the work place.
The only time there was a CD in my work computer, was a VCD of 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith', last weekend , shoo!!

5. Internet Explorer or Firefox?
Too lazy to switch over to FF!

6. Do you often take girls home to show them your post stamps collection?
Sorry, your suggestion/technique on bedding women will never work, I prefer my method

7. How come you are getting interviewed before Heidi?
Heidi ho!! I have no clue!

8. Do you smoke cucumbers?
Only on Thursdays

9. Where in Bombay you are located..?
Churchgate. One of the most beautiful road stretch of Bombay, Marine Drive, is the very next lane to the west, the place

from where I travel the most, Churchgate Station, is the next lane to the east. The place where I last studied is on the next

lane to the north and the places where I eat the most, is on the next lane to the south, because it's full of

Fully loaded place

10. Do u use local trains..?
Yes. Very often. Without it, the local train is the life line of Bombay. Over 2 million people go through the Churchgate

Station alone, and it only has 4 lines.
The other station is much bigger and has over 12 local lines and many more outstation railway lines.

11. What is your openion about them..?
Are you referring about them being crowded?? They may be, but it's got a very good service otherwise. It's mostly on time

and even if it isn't, there's at least one train every 5 minutes. The government is doing it's best to upgrade all the trains

and also increase the number of railway lines. It's doing a commendable job, I'd say.

12. How do you like your porridge best?

13. If you could send one message back in time to yourself, what would it be?
A blank piece of paper. Some times knowing about the future could be freaky. Things are fine the way they are going

14. What was/is the biggest event of your life?
Whoa!! Every new event I am involved is bigger than the previous. In a recent 6 day exhibition, we attracted over 6000

people, and the exhibition was meant only for 4 days. This is the biggest in numbers.
As far as my individual merit and contribution is concerned, it would be Brouhaha ~ Our college's annual inter-collegiate

cultural event. I improved the process by computerising many aspects.

15. Have you ever made a hasty decision?
ys mny times adn i have made  a lot of blenders because of it

16. Did you regret any hasty decision you may have made?

17. Why is there cheese?
Because there is milk.

18. What is a day in the life of Shahid like?
Back home in Bombay...
Had a 9-6 job, went out with people until late on many days, life was good...

Now a typical day in Dubai...
Wake up:- 7:20 AM, get ready (try) by 8:00 AM, to work by 8:30 AM. Work till 6:00-6:30 PM.
Weekday evenings are pretty quite, with a house visit or light sports.
Thursday (Saturdays in other parts of the world) are actually pretty quite for a weekend, but I usually have a special lunch.
Fridays kick ass. Everyone in my group get together and do something really good.. bowling, golf drives, trekking, buggy

riding... there's just too many variety here to list them all.
Oh! and every other dinner with friends is accompanied by Sheesha !

19. What time is it where you live?
Dubai follows the Gulf Standard Time (+4:00 GMT). Exactly 6:53 PM while writing this answer.

20. What do you prefer: 70 beautifull virgins or world peace?
World Peace! Cause I wouldn't have 70 beautiful virgins after 10 weeks . And mind your spelling otherwise Chris is going to

give you a spanking!!

21. are you a:
a.) student: Yes
B.) professional: Yes again
c.) other : yes... I think

21. What do you enjoy doing when not on the computer?
I like playing Basket Ball, Soccer. I like doing something creative, although I don't seem to keep up with my hobbies for

more than 2-3 months !! Otherwise, I am either studying, out with friends on family.

22. What do you enjoy doing while on the computer?
I play War Of Empires some times when online. Otherwise, I just used the computer to work or learn new things from the


23. Are you :
a.) student: yes, I am still studying
b.) professional student: yes again. I am a MBA student of Bentley College, Boston, USA and hope to join them this Fall.

c.) non-professional student: Yes!!!. I am currently a M.Com student and have my exams coming up next month!
d.) non-student: Nope... I am a student for life. There is no limit on what you can learn!!
c.) something else: I am a professional cum student cum professional student cum non-professional student cum wannabe

business man. phew!!

24. How is your art hobby going?
Which hobby?!?! Like I said before, I left a lot of creative hobbies back home in Bombay !!

25. Do you plan to rule the planet one day or is that a position only Chris can hold?
I have a weapon to counter Chris, it's called the CJ Fart Bomb!

26. Do you envy Slowhand and his flamboyant harem fantasy?
Who's Slowhand?

27. What is your favourite meal?
Good old Indian anytime. But I am not too much of a spicy food eater, although I can eat a green chilli as is. I am open

to and eat all kinds of (HALAL) food. I want to try some good French food some time.

28. White or brown bread?

29. What is your worst nightmare?
Chris spelling him name incorrectly.

30. What food do you dislike the most?

31. If you were alone on an island...what are the top five things you'd want with you?
1) A Blond
2) A Brunette
3) A Red Head
4) Good Food
5) A Clean Toilet

32. Best book you've read in the last year.
It's been a while since I did reading. Need to really catch up on that front.

33. Best movie you've seen in the last year.
I really enjoyed 'The Interpreter', 'Flight Plan' as far Hollywood is concerned. As far as the best Hindi movie in recent

times, it had to be 'Rang De Basanti', must see... really can't describe it in a few words!

34. Favorite Song.
English: Sweet Home Alabama, Dream On, Mighty Wings... ROCK!
Hindi: O Hum Dum, Roobaroo (Rang De Basanti), Pari Hoon Mein
Tamil: Remo Remo, Nokia (yep, there's a song with that title), songs by A. R. Rahman - really kicks ass!

35. Favorite Actor/Actress.
Hollywood: Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey / Catherine Zeta Jones (How the F did she hook up with that guy {MD}), Julia Roberts
Indian: SHEVALIER(French title) Shivaji Ganeshan, Kamal Hassan, Aamir Khan (Rang De Basanti again) / Kajol, Manorama

36. Do you plan to rule the planet one day or is that a position only Chris can hold?
Depends on how well the Fart Bomb works.

37. Are you hoping to become a property auctioneer?

38. Views on Indian Rugby ?
Actually we do have a pretty good team, but there is not much support. I have seen many people play it enthusiastically in

many play areas. Hope sports other that Cricket get better support soon.

39. Fav ten movies ?
Don't remember really, but...

1) Flight Plan
2) The Interpreter
3) Catch Me If You Can
4) Pink Panther (really was good, although a little kiddish)
5) Top Gun
6) Mission Impossible (Original)
7) MIB, really !!
Cool Saw/Phone Booth
9) James Bond series
10) Austin Powers series
...in no particular order.

40. Fav Indian movie ?
1) Rang De Basanti
2) Sholay
3) Panchtantirum (how are you doing with the pronunciation so far...)
4) Dil Chahta Hey
5) Company
6) Nayagan
7) Baadshah
Cool Alai Payudey
9) Singara Veylan
10) Anbey Shivam

41. Was Paris Hilton robbed of an Oscar nomination this year ?
I got better things to think about... job, girl, kids, world peace, satan resurrection, etc...

42. Who's going to win the 2007 Rugby World Cup ?
When's the next Cricket World Cup?

43. Who should be interviewed next?
Thanks for those interesting questions. Jello next!!
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