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Title: Creating your own EULA for special purposes.
Post by: Jason Reed on July 30, 2007, 01:11:51 pm
I'm working on a project for the group of midwives my wife works with.

I need to create a EULA for them and here's what I find most important:

1. Security, no claims can be made against me for loss of information or what ever could possibly go wrong in their use of the application.
2. No-Distribution Allowed because this software is written specifically for them and only them I don't want it spread around. Most importantly I do not want the license to be transferable because they have had problems before with the hospital they work with before taking over their business end and charging the midwives out the nose for the service. I do not want the hospital to legally use this software if something like this happens again (if they want to use it they have to pay for it ;) where as at this time I'm donating the work for my wife's business interests).

Well that's basically the most important things I want. Of course I need it to be legit meaning I can pass it over to a German lawyer and he looks it over and says "Yep that's legal".

Anyone got any ideas where I can start looking to create something like this?