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Author Topic: Post race ... Continued ... Again  (Read 7863 times)

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I got sick again! The flu has been a pretty bad epidemic here, with three different ones floating around... This time it wasn't too bad, I started feeling "run down" last Tues after lunch, wasn't sure if sick or just tired. Then that evening it hit me pretty hard. The next day I felt bad, but not terrible, so I just played video games all day. I'm never really sure when I should stay home vs risk getting coworkers sick, just I worked from home the next two days. All better now, and most of the weekend (although I stayed in), with the exception of a nasty cough that I think it almost done.

I've started a regimen of vitamins... One of my coworkers has made it through the season unscathed so I asked what he takes, and plan to mirror it laugh1

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My youngest came down with a fever today. Hopefully he'll keep his germs to himself. I don't want them.

One of the things to make sure you stay healthy is eating well enough so your body has the energy to fight, and also getting enough rest Wink

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